SABBS 0707302

Elevation Lover boy 86.6%

Lover boys is a 2.0 Version of his father Elevation DJ and his stud quality is magnificent at a very tender age. He is outgoing, playful and energetic, and yet again a bubbly clown version of his father. He is developing into a true stud quality male.  Words are not enough to describe the honour of having such male in our bloodline.

Mes Kruger 83.1 %

                                                    Dam:Mes Maxi 89.9%

Sire: Goenberg Rambo 92%

Our Perfect boy the most complete dog we have ever owned. Perfect movement and balance. He is our show man in our kennels and he is one of the most sought after males in the elite boerboel world.

Reydall Zeus 2 80.1%

Dam: Klein witwal mystique 81.3%

Sire: Bouwer Koevoet 88% SR

Zeus is a muscular tall male with serious thick bones and a strong blocky head. Zeus has good volume and a solid temperament. He brings in the last missing bloodline of SA Superior to our stud. He is the grandson to SA Superior Biltong and long line of SA Seprior Bhuda and Elevation chutney. We cant wait to see his offspring and contribution to our stud.