Lombard Superior Echo 83.3%

Dam: Lombard superior Zarah 85.1% SP

Sire: Woeker Japie   87.2% SR

The pick off our females , a very special girl in our kennel, she has a wonderful structure, temprament and good pigmentation. She is the mirror image of her mother Lombard Superior Zarah 85.1% and also possess some nice features from her fathers side Woeker Japie 87% . Well balanced feminine female. Thank you to Lombard Superior Boerboels stud for entrusting us with this wonderful queen.


Dam: Jambal Donna 82.2%

Sire: kados Texas 83.6%

Our Beauty queen. A female of note and pedigree with loads of potential. Thank you to Lombard Superior Boerboels for entrusting us with this female. She is our showpiece and she will blow you away in the ring. 

Elevation Bianka 77.7%

Dam: Elevation Leah 84.6%

Sire: Rulin Max   86.7%

She has good balance, stunning temperament and good movement. She is a Notras Beauton and Bosvlei Casper die Spook great granddaughter. She is also a Granddaughter of Elevation Dax. Bianka is breath of fresh air in our breeding program and the pinnacle of prodicing good dogs.